Vehicle contract term

The initial contract for your Hillarys branded vehicle will be for a term of 36 months or 48 months, the contract contribution from Hillarys is based on the vehicle having the Hillarys Blinds branding for the full term of the agreement. Removal of the branding during the contract will result in the suspension of the Hillarys contribution. If the branding is required to be re fitted due to removal by the driver, the driver will cover the cost of the vehicle signwriting to be printed and re applied prior to the commencement of the payments.

When do I qualify for the Hillarys vehicle scheme?

You are able to order a vehicle within the Hillarys scheme once you have completed 6 months .

Sign writing

If vehicle sign writing is damaged during the term of the contract the adviser needs to contact Bowater immediately to obtain replacement sign writing to be fitted to the vehicle.

Can I purchase a magnetic sign to go on the side of my van instead?

No. Magnetic signs are not a safe and reliable option and do not fit with the standards of Hillarys branding.

Hillarys contribution

The Hillarys contribution is based on the vehicle being in good mechanical and visual condition to protect the Hillarys brand.

Hybrid and electric vehicles may attract a higher contribution over the term of the agreement.

At the end of the contract it may be possible to organise a contract-extension; this will be limited to a maximum period of 6 months and is subject to a new vehicle order being placed with Bowater Price for a Hillarys Branded vehicle. In order to obtain a revised cost the advisor must contact Bowater Price. Failure to negotiate the rental extension via Bowater Price will result in the Hillarys contribution ending.

The Hillarys contribution is solely based on the advisor being available to undertake Hillarys appointments and fittings for the term of the agreement. If an advisor becomes unavailable for a period of 3 months or more (without prior written agreement by a member of the Hillarys senior sales management team) any contribution from Hillarys will end without warning until such time that work recommences on a permanent basis.

Are there any tax benefits with a lease vehicle?

Hillarys Blinds and Bowater Price cannot offer tax advise regarding lease vehicles, you will need to speak your accountant specific tax advice.

What if I stop working as a Hillarys advisor before the end of my lease?

The vehicle lease contract is with the individual so you have the option of keeping the vehicle for the remainder of the vehicle lease term, you can also obtain a termination figure to hand the vehicle back to the leasing company prior to the end of the contract. You will need to remove all Hillarys Branding at your own cost and any extra commission payment will cease.

What if I don’t want to have the Hillarys branding on my vehicle?

Hillarys branding is a condition of the preferential rates offered. Therefore, Hillarys vehicles are not available without the Hillarys branding.

What if I would like to choose a different model to the ones offered?

We are able to offer all vehicles under the Hillarys vehicle scheme; the vehicle however must be suitable for the role.

If you would like to obtain quotations for alternative vehicles, please contact Bowater Price on 0345 27 25 100

What if I want to change the model of car chosen during the term of the lease?

It is possible to do this, however you maybe subject to an early termination fee for your existing vehicle.

What if my mileage should change during the term of the lease?

It is not always easy to predict your mileage for the next 3 or 4 years, so it is possible to increase and decrease your mileage during the term of the agreement (subject to the minimum and maximum parameters of the funders mileage options). Please contact Bowater who will be able to help you with this.

What happens at the end of the lease?

You have the choice of:

  • Returning the lease vehicle
  • Starting a new lease under the Hillarys vehicle scheme
How long can I expect to wait for my vehicle after placing an order?

If the vehicle you have ordered is a stock vehicle then you will expect to have the vehicle delivered in approx. 6-8 weeks.

If the vehicle is a factory order you can wait up to 6 months depending on the specific vehicles expected lead time.

Is vehicle insurance included?

No, you are responsible for having fully comprehensive insurance for the full term of the agreement.

What is covered in the maintenance package ?
  • Routine servicing and maintenance
  • Parts and labour
  • Batteries and exhausts
  • 24 hour breakdown assistance
  • Replacement tyres for wear and tear
  • Replacement tyres for punctures
  • MOT
What's not covered In the maintenance package ?
  • Replacement vehicle in the event of breakdown
  • Replacement vehicle in the event of accident
  • Day to day consumables such as fuel, oil, antifreeze, engine and battery fluids, adblue, sat nav updates
  • Repairs as a result of driver misuse, abuse, accident, negligence, items damaged, broken, stolen or vandalised, or failure occurring through driver negligence or nan-maintenance
What are the choices of colour?

All Hillarys vehicles come in white, metallic silver or metallic grey.

What year/registration plate are the new vehicles?

The vehicles are brand new or pre-registered cars with delivery mileage.

Can I choose a car with an automatic gearbox?

Yes, just let us know your requirements and we will provide you with a revised cost.

How do I remove Hillarys graphics?

Please download our guide here to learn how to remove Hillarys Graphics.


Please contact Bowater Price direct on 0345 27 25 100 who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.