Bowater Price have for many years been meeting the needs of clients on all aspects of car contract purchase and leasing. Their philosophy is that all clients, whether purchasing one vehicle, or adding a leasing vehicle to an existing fleet of two thousand vehicles, are entitled to the same level of service and discounts.

Their advisors are highly trained and appreciate that acquiring a new vehicle is a big step, particularly if you have not previously sourced or financed a vehicle in this way. It can appear confusing and they understand that a prospective client may have lots of questions before they are finally ready to make a decision.

The car contract hire industry is currently unregulated. However, Bowater Price believe that it should be regulated and have lobbied strongly in favour of this. They believe that there should be a set of minimum requirements before an individual or company can set themselves up as a broker; this would afford the public far more protection than they currently have.

They therefore adhere to a code of conduct and minimum standards and will continue to do so until such time that the government regulates the industry. With regard to advertising, their policy can be viewed via the following link. Our commitment is to be different.

Bowater Price are working with Euro NCAP to make the motoring public more aware of safety, which in turn will encourage manufacturers to produce safer vehicles. Check out how safe your car is via the link on the home page.

If you are considering a new leasing vehicle then please do not hesitate to contact them, you will find their staff helpful and happy to explain any aspects of vehicle financing.